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Capital Markets Authority Launches the New Phase of its National Project to Promote Financial Literacy


The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) launched its fourth phase of its cooperation with INJAZ Kuwait on Thursday, September 27th, through the implementation of the first awareness campaign. After defining what the Capital Markets Authority is and its role, it aimed at raising awareness of some financial concepts and other related subjects about new projects and its management.
It is worth mentioning that the Authority's project for cooperation with INJAZ Kuwaiti Society falls within the framework of its national project for promoting financial literacy outside the framework of those involved in securities activities to target various social sectors, especially in the learning, university, and educational sector through several programs. This national project also represents one of the strategic directions for educating national crews to meet the needs of the labor market and in line with the future development directions of the government by providing them with the expertise, knowledge and qualifications to reach the required educational and community outputs according to programs that comply with the latest international standards.


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