Union of Arab Securities Authorities.



The 7th Meeting of the Financial Stability Task Force in the Arab Countries

Published on: 01-Mar-2018

The UASA General Secretariat participated in the 7th meeting of the Financial Stability Task Force in the Arab Countries which is part of the Board of Governors of Central Banks, organized by the Arab Monetary Fund in Abu Dhabi last week. The meeting reviewed a number of issues of interest to the financial sector, especially those related to the issues of the digital revolution and its impact on the banking system, financial stability and the risk of financial innovations and systemic risks. Within this context, the UASA Secretary General reviewed the most important developments in the Arab capital markets and the role played by the Arab regulatory authorities in the fields of financial technology, particularly in terms of financial legislation, in addition to issues including disclosure, governance, enforcement, education and awareness of investors. The UASA Secretary General also stressed on the importance of find proper balance to promoting innovation and advanced technology in the financial sector and maintaining market stability and ensuring investor protection.

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