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IOSCO 44th Annual Conference

 Published on: 22-May-2019

Members of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) met at the organization´s 44th Annual Conference in Sydney, Australia to discuss and address issues facing securities market regulators and supervisors. The Australian Securities and Investment commission (ASIC) hosted the meeting which was held during the period 13-17 May 2019.

During IOSCO Presidents committee meeting (PC), the chair welcomed the members to the meeting and explained the new format of the meeting which intends to focus on substantive issues to encourage members to participate actively in the discussion. The PC chair highlighted that IOSCO Board’s new priority setting process based on conclusions of the Risk Outlook. Several topics were covered including crypto assets, artificial intelligence and machine learning, sustainable finance, market fragmentation, data privacy, asset management, and technical assistance and capacity building. A signing ceremony of the MMoU and the enhanced MMoU was made for the newly admitted signatories. It is worth mentioning that the Commission D’organisation et de Surveillance des Operations de Bourse (COSOB) signed the MMoU during the signing ceremony. The next IOSCO Annual Meeting was assigned to be held on 8-10 June 2020 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates followed by a public conference organized by the Securities and Commodities Authority of UAE.

The AFRICA-MIDDLE EAST REGIONAL COMMITTEE (AMERC) approved the adoption of summary of Conclusions of the AMERC Meeting held in Kuwait. A discussion to identify AMERC inputs into the work of the Emerging Risks Committee and the Risk Outlook Report for 2020 took place. The Chair of the AMERC Working Group on Listings presented a summary of milestones achieved and the next steps following the 42nd AMERC Meeting held in Kuwait. It is worth mentioning that the next AMERC meeting will be held in Qatar in 2020 and will be hosted by Qatar Financial Markets Authority.

The IOSCO GEM Committee meeting discussed several topics related to emerging markets including sustainable financing and FinTech. The Secretary General of Islamic Finance Services Board (IFSB), made a presentation on IFSB work followed by an open discussion among the GEMC members. Also, the topic on capacity building was raised and initiatives to provide greater support to emerging market members was discussed where the Assessment Committee Capacity Building Program Chair provided a presentation on the capacity building exercise carried out during 2018. It is worth mentioning that the IOSCO Secretariat will provide an update on the IOSCO’s overall capacity building efforts where members can provide feedback on the top priority topics for capacity building in their jurisdictions.


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