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Issuing a glossary of the common financial terms in French

 Published on: 6-Oct-2019

 The UASA General Secretariat issued a glossary for the most frequently used financial terms in French after issuing it in Arabic and English last year, thus the glossary now covers financial terms in Arabic, English and French. It is noteworthy that the addition of the French language to the glossary was an initiative of the COMMISSION D’ORGANISATION ET DE SURVEILLANCE DES OPÉRATIONS DE BOURSE of Algeria (COSOB) in cooperation with members of the Union. The release of this glossary comes in conjunction with the International Investor Week, celebrated by the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) and international financial markets and regulators, in light of the importance of ongoing efforts to protect investors and enhance the efficiency and transparency of capital markets.
The Glossary is available through the following link:


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