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The UASA issues new guidelines

 Published on: 13-Oct-2019

The Union of Arab Securities Authorities issued a number of guidelines related to the achievement of harmony and convergence among the Members’ legislations, these guidelines fall within the objectives and initiatives of the UASA Strategic Plan for the period 2016-2020. The relevant working group in cooperation with the Union General Secretariat prepared these guidelines in light with the decision of UASA Board in this regard at its twelfth meeting held in Beirut, and taking into consideration the Board recommendations at its thirteenth meeting held in Amman and the comments received from the UASA members.
These initiatives include the issuance of guidelines for “Disclosure of Listed Companies”, “Minimum Requirements for Companies Operating in Capital Markets”, and “Issuance and Listing in the Arab Financial Markets” as well as a the issuance of General Rules / Models for insider trading in accordance with the best international standards and practices.
It is worth mentioning that these rules will serve as guides to increase harmony and convergence between the UASA Members, and contribute to promote and strengthen the flow of investments among the members countries.

The Guidelines are available in Arabic language through the flowing link:


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