Union of Arab Securities Authorities.



Issuing the new version of the «Union News»

Published on: 14-May-2017

The UASA published the new version of the quarterly newsletter «Union News» (16th Issue) in both Arabic and English languages. As a digital newsletter, “Union News” represents a searchable piece of content, although search engines can read PDF documents, it would be even more effective if an HTML page were created, increasing its ‘crawlability’ and ‘shareability.’
The Newsletter enables the Secretariat and other users to easily share it with interested parties using the UASA website link, or the HTML Webpage where it can be shared using e-mail clients or directly on other websites.
The newsletter covers the latest developments, events and news related to the Arab and international capital markets from various aspects, especially with regards to the new regulations and significant events and new releases and actions taken by the securities with respect to oversight and disclosure, enforcement, awareness and education of investors and other aspects related to capital markets. The bulletin covers as well the UASA Secretariat news, programs and projects being implemented.

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