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Kuwait Capital Markets Authority

Circular No. (8) of 2018 to all Licensed Persons

 Published on: 10-May-2018

CMA draws the attention of all licensed persons to the importance of not using the official logo of the Authority in any of the official sites of the licensed persons, or in the means of advertising in any way, in order for the CMA to ensure compliance with Law No. 7 of 2010 Regarding the Estab...
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Announcement from the Capital Market Authority (CMA) regarding the Investment in Digital Currencies and Initial Offerings of Digital Assets

 Published on: 27-Jul-2018

The Capital Market Authority (CMA) invited the investors to be very cautious about investing and dealing with digital assets, such as investing in digital currencies and cryptocurrency or participating in initial coin offerings (ICO) and its associated dealings. The initial coin offering is a p...
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The Capital Markets Authority Warns Against the Expansion of Financial Fraud Practices

 Published on: 16-Nov-2018

The CMA draws the attention of the public including the investors, the dealers of securities activities, and those interested in entering the world of investment in its various forms and fields to be very cautious and prudent concerning the fake or unknown companies and persons, and unlicensed ...
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Implementation of the European General Data Protection Regulation on the Procedures and Systems of the Capital Markets Authority

 Published on: 18-Nov-2018

The Capital Markets Authority issued a resolution that aims to regulate the legal protection of personal data of natural persons and the procedures of transferring and exchanging the data with similar regulatory entities in the other member states of IOSCO. Necessary amendments were therefore m...
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