Union of Arab Securities Authorities
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Union of Arab Securities Authorities

14:00 - 15:00

15:00 - 15:30
Opening of the Conference
Welcome Speeches
- H.E. Dr. Omar Al Razzaz - The Prime Minister of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Represented by H.E. Mohammed Saleh Hourani, Chairman of the JSC

- H.E. Riad T. SALAMÉ - Chairman of the UASA
Represented by Fadi Fakih, Executive Board Member - CMA Lebanon

- H.E. Nemeh Sabbagh - CEO, Arab Bank

- H.E. Jalil Tarif - Secretary General of the UASA
15:30 - 17:00
I. The Regulatory Perspective

- The proper level of regulation to enhance capital market development and protection of investors.

- Contain systematic risk, default risk and market disruption

- Entry standards: Capital and prudential requirements

- Minimizing the damage and loss of investors

- MiFid II: what are the new challenges?

Moderator: Fadi Fakih - Executive Board Member, Capital Markets Authority of Lebanon
Dr. Obaid Al Zaabi - CEO, Securities and Commodities Authority
Stephen Fisher - Managing Director, BlackRock
Joe Mc Hale - Head of EU Regulatory Affairs, Bloomberg
Andreas Andreou - Vice Chairman, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
Mohamed Al-Abri - Vice President, Capital Markets Authority – Oman
17:00 - 17:30
Coffee Break

17:30 - 18:30
II. Challenges of financial technologies and digitalization

- Regulatory framework: challenges facing financial market infrastructure

- Proper balance between regulation and innovation

- Artificial intelligence, machine learning, distributed ledger technology (DLT): regulatory perspective

- Initial coin offerings (ICOs) and crypto currencies: regulatory implications

- Block chain, implementation in stock market

- Cyber security and cyber resilience

Moderator: Steve Wallace - Director of Outreach – MENA, CFA Institute
John Turner - CEO, XBRL International
Fayçal Belyazid - Head of Business Development & Sales, Nasdaq
Catriona Marshall - Policy Analyst, OECD
Ahmad Tantash - CEO, Jordan Investment Trust P.L.C
Kirill Zagorouiko - COO, Exactpro 
18:30 - 19:30
III. Enhancing governance in the Arab capital markets

- Enhancing transparency, disclosure and investors protection: what role international organizations can play?

- Implementing OECD – G20 principles: what are the challenges in the MENA region?

- Role of regulators to protect minority shareholders

- Gender balance in corporate leadership: opportunities to improve

- State-owned enterprises (SOEs): challenges to boost corporate governance

Moderator: Abdelhakim Berrah - Chairman, COSOB – Algeria
Dr. Mowafak Alyafi - Chairman, Alyafi Group
Iman Al Damen - Director , Jordan Commercial Bank
Rami Al Nsour - Advisor, Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange
Omar Fahad Al-Sunaidi - Manger, CG Dept., Saudi Capital Market Authority
Shahzad Khan - Head of Ethics & Compliance, Mubadala Group 
19:30 - 20:00

20:00 - 22:00
Gala Dinner
- Awards of appreciation for the Sponsors
- Musical Show (Oscar Group)

9:00 – 9:20
Keynote speech
“Insider Trading Enforcement in Emerging Markets: Does Enforcement of Insider Trading Laws Matter?”

Patrick Meaney - Head of Enforcement, Dubai Financial Services Authority
9:20 - 10:30
IV. Arab Capital Markets Development Updates

- Openness to foreign investment: what are the opportunities and the risks?

- Passporting: why does it matter?

- Exit policies and foreign exchange risks

- Emerging vs advanced markets: where we stand.

- Derivatives markets, CCPs, direct market: What are the challenges?

Moderator: Konstantin Saroyan - Secretary General, The Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges
Ahmed Al Marhoon - Director General , Muscat Securities Market
Taha Abdulsalam - CEO, Iraq Stock Exchange
Fadi Al Said - Managing Director, Lazard Gulf Ltd. (Dubai)
Tariq Qaqish - Managing Director, Menacorp 
10:30 - 11:30
V. Islamic Finance, Collective investment schemes and fixed income instruments

- Challenges facing Islamic Finance in Arab Capital Markets

- Collective investment schemes: what are the challenges in the Arab markets?

- Fixed income and Islamic Sukuk: Are we on the right track?

- ETFs: impact on liquidity, transparency, and efficiency

- Infrastructure required for asset managers, brokers and investors

- How the new FinTech will help to develop Islamic financial products and CIS in Arab capital markets

Moderator: Wolfgang Engel - General Manager - IIF MEA, Institute of International Finance
Michael Grifferty - President, Gulf Bonds and Sukuk Association
Anita Yadav - Emirates NBD, Head of Fixed Income Research
Dr. Omar Aljazi - Honorary Fellow, International Islamic Centre for Reconciliation and Arbitration
Qutaiba Hawamdeh - CEO, AB Invest
Seçil Sayin Kutluca - Senior Legal Expert, Capital Markets Board Turkey 
11:30 - 12:00
Coffee Break

12:00 - 13:00
VI. Financial literacy and capacity building

- Financial inclusion: the role of regulators

- Professional certification, continuous education and training

- Ethical and professional standards

- Research and market analysis: what are the challenges?

- Protection of small investors and minority shareholders

Moderator: Lucy Courtenay - Director, CFA Institute
William Tohmé - Regional Head of MENA, CFA Institute
Angus Blair - COO, Pharos Investments – Egypt
Dr. Ghaleb Mahmassani - Vice Chairman, Beirut Stock Exchange
Robert H. Singletary - Technical Team Lead, Capital Market Development Project - Jordan
Wael El-Nagar - Senior Manager, Dubai Financial Services Authority 
13:00 - 14:00
VII. Post Trade Transparency: Clearing and settlement update

- New clearing and settlement initiatives

- Derivative markets: Covered short selling, lending and borrowing

- Introduction of T+2 settlement and introducing of delivery versus payments (DVP)

- CCP: what it means for Arab markets?

- Back office as part of the capital markets ecosystem

Moderator: Ahmad Aweidah - CEO, Palestine Exchange (PEX)
Les Male - CEO, Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange
Mohamed Dagher - Head of Account Management, Euroclear Bank
Sameh H. Aloul - Partner & CEO, ManafSoft LLC
Mohammad Aburoub - Chief Information Officer, Standard Chartered Bank – Jordan
Andrew Dyson - CEO, The International Securities Lending Association 
Lunch Hosted by Arab Bank