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Training course on Treasury bills and bonds in DSE

 Published on: 7-Oct-2019

Damascus Securities Exchange (DSE) conducted a training course entitled “ Treasury Bills and Bonds” on Monday 7/10/2019 for a group of employee in the Ministry of Finance and the Central bank of Syria for three days at the trading hall in the Exchange. The training course aimed at b...
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A training course for preparing licensed brokers at Damascus Securities Exchange

 Published on: 4-Oct-2019

Damascus Stock Exchange organized a specialized training course for brokers in coordination with Syrian Commission on Financial Markets and Securities. The course aims at preparing licensed brokers in order to work later in financial services companies after obtaining a license from the Commiss...
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Damascus Securities Exchange Organizes Two Seminars in Cooperation with Al Wadi International Private University in Homs and Al Manara University in Latakia.

 Published on: 30-Apr-2019

Damascus Securities Exchange (DSE) organized ,in cooperation with Al Wadi International Private University in governorate of Homs and Al Manara University in Latakia, two seminars entitled (The investment and trading mechanism at Damascus Securities Exchange) on April 29 and 30, 2019 at the Uni...
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A seminar in cooperation with Syrian Financial Analysts

 Published on: 16-Mar-2019

Damascus Securities Exchange (DSE) organized a seminar in cooperation with Association of Syrian Financial Analysts at the Exchange in the trading hall. During the lectures, the basic concepts at the market were explained in addition to the regulations and the trading mechanism.
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