Union of Arab Securities Authorities
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Union of Arab Securities Authorities

The Second Arab Capital Markets Conference: “Enhancing Transparency and Financial Innovation”

Amman, Jordan


Under the patronage of His Excellency the Prime Minister of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Dr. Omar Al Razzaz, the Union of Arab Securities Authorities (UASA), in cooperation with Jordan Securities Commission (JSC), will hold the 2nd Arab Capital Markets Conference on "Enhancing Transparency and Financial Innovation" in Fairmont Amman Hotel during 27-28 March 2019.

The conference will discuss a number of key themes related to Arab capital markets, including strategic growth and development, challenges facing Arab financial markets, innovation opportunities, enhanced disclosure and transparency, investor protection, and financial infrastructure’s impact on Arab capital markets, Islamic finance and other topics. The speakers list will include government officials, policy makers, economic and financial decision makers, leaders of Arab, regional and international financial institutions, a group of experts and financial analysts, as well as representatives of Arab and international regulatory authorities and financial markets. It is expected that the number of participants in the conference will reach about (300) participants from investors and interested bodies related to the capital markets from different countries of the world.

This event provides a great and important opportunity to meet and communicate with decision and policies makers, investors and officials in the Arab and international financial markets and institutions. On this occasion, we are pleased to invite you to attend this conference and participate in its activities in view of its importance in supporting the success of the conference, enriching and enable it to achieve its objectives.
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