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Issuing guidelines for
Code of Ethics for Arab Capital Markets

 Published on: 04-Dec-2019

The Union of Arab Securities Authorities (UASA) has issued guidelines adopted by the UASA’s Board in their last meeting in Amman on Code of Ethics for Arab Capital Markets. These guidelines fall within the objectives and initiatives of the UASA Strategic Plan for the period 2016-2020. It is worth mentioning that these rules will serve as guides to enhance harmony and convergence between the UASA Members, and contribute to promote and strengthen the flow of investments among the members’ countries.

The guidelines include a set of rules that can be used by the Arab Capital Authorities to prepare their own rules in accordance with their regulations and legislation. These rules dealt with issues related to job obligations, supervisory job obligations, conflict of interest, and personal investments in and out of the financial market. These rules also included guidance provisions regarding the acceptance of gifts and hospitality, dealing with the press and the media, post-employment with the Authority, reporting of irregularities and illegal activities, as well as provisions relating to violations of professional conduct and enforcement.

The Guidelines are available in Arabic language through the flowing link:


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