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AMERC 44th Annual Meeting

 Published on: 20-Jan-2020

The Africa and the Middle East Regional Committee (AMERC) held its 44th annual meeting in Doha, Qatar, on 29/01/2020 with the participation of Arab securities authorities, members of the committee and IOSCO’s Secretary General, as well as the participation of UASA’s Secretary General. The committee discussed the most important challenges facing the region's markets and ways to face them, especially those related to developments in financial technology and the fluctuations in the financial markets. The committee also discussed a number of issues related to capital markets in the Africa and the Middle East region, such as listing and liquidity and ways to enhance them, the role of regulatory authorities in this area, and in the areas of providing the appropriate environment by converting family companies into public shareholding companies, and issues related to education, awareness and financial inclusion.
The Qatar Financial Markets Authority held its 3rd annual conference on 30/01/2020 with the participation of a number of experts, specialists and officials. The conference included (5) specialized panel sessions in the areas of smart regulatory rules for innovation, encrypted asset risks and regulatory challenges, how to enhance financial inclusion and liquidity in the capital markets and the social role of the capital markets authorities in financial inclusion, sustainability, and approaches for protecting minority rights.
Within this framework, the UASA’s Secretary General reviewed the developments witnessed by the Arab financial markets in various fields and what has been achieved in the areas of cooperation and coordination among Union members with regards to achieving harmony in the rules and legislations that govern Arab financial markets.


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