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MENA Regional Economic Outlook

 Published on: 30-Apr-2020

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) presented the MENA Regional Economic Outlook report in a webinar session organized in cooperation with the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), where the UASA’s General Secretariat participated in this session, represented by the Secretary General. The report of the (IMF) comes in light of the countries in the Middle East and North Africa region that have been hit by two large reinforcing shocks, the COVID-19 pandemic and the plunge in oil prices. In addition to the devastating toll on human health, the global COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictive containment measures that caused severe economic turmoil in the region, along with the region’s unemployment problem. The webinar discussed the measures taken by international institutions, especially the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, in the field of supporting countries affected by this crisis in addition to the precautionary measures taken by the countries of the region. The participants stressed the importance of joint cooperation between the various relevant authorities to contain the negative effects resulting from this crisis.


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