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The Africa / Middle-East Regional Committee Conference

 Published on: 04-Oct-2020

The Africa and the Middle East Regional Committee (AMERC) of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) held a virtual conference with the participation of its committee members. The UASA’s General Secretariat also participated in this conference represented by the Secretary General of the Union.

The conference discussed a number of issues of the committee members concern, including the latest developments regarding the IOSCO’s Board of Directors meeting as well as the efforts of the committee regarding the issuance of a newsletter. The conference also discussed the self-capacity building of the committee members and new initiatives related to this matter. The participants discussed the participation of the committee members in the International Investor Week, which came as an initiative of IOSCO, and the members of the committee were briefed on the most important results of the survey related to priorities, which showed the interest of the members of the committee in issues related to financial technology and sustainability, enhancing liquidity and risks that could be face the capital markets in countries on the members committee. 


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