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IOSCO 45th Annual Meeting

 Published on: 26-Nov-2020

Members of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) met in a virtual format due to COVID-19 at the organization´s 45th Annual Conference to discuss and address issues facing securities market regulators and supervisors. The meetings were held on the 9-18 November 2020.
During IOSCO Presidents committee meeting (PC), the chair welcomed the members to the meeting and explained the new format of the meeting which intends to focus on substantive issues to encourage members to participate actively in the discussion. The PC chair highlighted that IOSCO Board’s new priority setting process based on conclusions of the Risk Outlook. Several topics were covered including the engagement with Financial Stability Board (FSB), international standard-setting bodies and other organizations to shape the international discussion about financial stability risks in capital markets.
The chair of sustainable finance task force present the key finding of report on sustainability related disclosures for issuers and for asset management, green washing and investor protection. Board-level task force on retail market conduct presented the key finding of the report on potential retail misconduct risks arising in financial services industry due to COVID-19.
The IOSCO GEM Committee meeting discussed several topics related to emerging markets including sustainable financing and FinTech. Also, the topic on capacity building was raised and initiatives to provide greater support to emerging market members was discussed. IOSCO Secretary General informed the committee about the online toolkit which includes components on intermediaries, collective investment schemes, secondary markets, and financial market infrastructure.
The AFRICA-MIDDLE EAST REGIONAL COMMITTEE (AMERC) approved the adoption of summary of conclusions of the last AMERC virtual meeting held on 30th of September 2020. AMERC members discussed its future priorities and decided to set up two working groups, FinTech working group and Sustainable working group to facilitate information sharing and capacity building in the two respective areas. FSD Africa provided a presentation on sustainable finance while Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance (CCAF) provided a presentation on FinTech initiatives.


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