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Webinar on Fintech and Cybersecurity

 Published on: 21-Mar-2021

The Union of Arab Securities Authorities (UASA), in cooperation with Grant Thornton UAE, organized a Webinar on "Fintech and Cybersecurity” 18/03/2021. More than 55 participants representing 9 Members of the UASA attended the Webinar.

The Webinar presented the practical knowledge of understanding the term Fintech and its trends. Regulators’ role in keeping up with fintech adoption rates was discussed. Participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the cybersecurity threats and the role of senior management in cyber strategies development, and the main challenges in cyber compliance and regulations. The webinar gave an overview on the crisis management and senior management involvement in the entire life cycle of incident handling, and the common challenges in cyber compliance and regulations.

This Webinar represents a part of the UASA work plan related to capacity building aiming to hold series of events to contribute in developing the regulators supervisory capacities and to enhance effectiveness.


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