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UASA Working Groups:

 Published on: 15-Jul-2021

The work groups formed according to the decision of the Union of Arab Securities Authorities Board assigned to work on the implementation of UASA’s strategic plan initiatives for the years 2021-2025 held their first meeting remotely on Wednesday 7/14/2021. The members of the working group discussed ways to implement the tasks assigned to them, as it was agreed to form three working groups, where the first group took charge of working on the first pillar initiatives related to enhancing cooperation and communication among members in the areas of developing capital markets, facing risks, supporting liquidity and sustainability. The second working group will be focusing on the pillar related to cooperation in the areas of financial technology and combating cyber risks. The third group will work on the implementation of investor education and awareness pillar and promoting financial inclusion.

It is worth mentioning that the working group assigned for implementing UASA’s strategic plan initiatives includes representatives of the Arab securities authorities that are members of the Union. It includes in its membership representatives from the Jordanian Securities Commission, the Securities and Commodities Authority of the United Arab Emirates, the Tunisian Conseil du Marche Financier, the Algerian Commission D’Organisation et de Surveillance des Operations de Bourse and the Capital Market Authority of Saudi Arabia, the Iraqi Securities Commission, the Capital Markets Authority of Oman, the Capital Markets Authority of Kuwait, the Qatar Financial Markets Authority, the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority and the Moroccan Authorite Marocaine du Marche des Capitaux.


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