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 Published on: 17-Nov-2021

Members of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) met in a virtual format due to COVID-19 at the organization´s 46th Annual Meetings to discuss and address issues facing securities market regulators and supervisors. The meetings were held in a virtual form and consisted of a series of virtual meetings from 8-16 November 2021 and attended by the UASA represented by the Secretary General.

During IOSCO Presidents committee meeting (PC), the chair welcomed the members to the meeting and laid out his strategic perspective for IOSCO. The Chair of the emerging risks group (ER) provided an overview of the key finding of the risk outlook 2022 and the main risks identified for the coming year.

The chair of sustainable finance task force FSEG discussed issues relating to sustainable finance and invited questions from presidents committee members. The chair of the Board and the co-chair of the financial stability engagement group (FSEG) discussed their work including how it relates to the financial stability objectives of IOSCO. Issues related to retail investors were also discussed.

The IOSCO GEM Committee meeting discussed several topics related to emerging markets including sustainable financing and FinTech. Also, the topic on capacity building was raised and initiatives to provide greater support to emerging market members was discussed. IOSCO Secretary General informed the committee about the UNCTAD-GEMC regulatory workshop. The GEM committee discussed report on the use of innovation facilitator in GEM countries.

The AFRICA-MIDDLE EAST REGIONAL COMMITTEE (AMERC) discussed issues facing securities markets in the AMERC region including the challenges and opportunities for building FinTech ecosystem, the impact of the pandemic on markets listing, and sustainable finance. AMERC members discussed its future priorities and decided to conduct a study on ESG in the region and continue in the existing work on FinTech working group and Sustainable working group. FSD Africa provided a presentation on sustainable finance while CMA of Kenya provided a presentation on FinTech initiatives and CMA of Saudi Arabia on listings.


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