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GEM Committee Virtual meeting

 Published on: 06-Jul-2022

The IOSCO Growth and Emerging Market (GEM) Committee held a virtual meeting on the 4th of July 2022, With the participation of the committee’s members, a number of the UASA members, and the UASA General Secretariat. The UASA’s general Secretariat also participated in this meeting represented by the Secretary General of the Union.
The Committee discussed a number of issues related to Fintech in emerging markets and the use of innovation facilitators, They also discussed sustainable financing in emerging markets and were updated by IOSCO Secretary General on the work of the sustainability task force. The committee also discussed market development and regulatory updates by GEMC members and particularly national initiatives in rob advising as well as the national digital asset regulatory framework. International Swaps and derivatives Associations (ISDA) presented it’s derivatives in emerging and developing markets. It is worth mentioning that the IOSCO secretariat updated the committee members on its capacity building initiatives 


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