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Webinar on the occasion of the World Investor Week

 Published on: 09-Nov-2022

On the occasion of the World Investor Week launched by the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), the working group in charge with following up the implementation of the UASA’s strategic plan initiatives in the field of investor education and awareness and financial inclusion, in cooperation with the UASA’s General Secretariat, held an introductory webinar on the practices of member states working in the field of education and awareness and financial inclusion. Working group members who participated in this webinar include the Securities and Commodities Authority of UAE, the CONSEIL DU MARCHÉ FINANCIER of Tunisia, the COMMISSION D’ORGANISATION ET DE SURVEILLANCE DES OPÉRATIONS DE BOURSE of Algeria, the Iraqi Securities Commissions, the Palestinian Capital Market Authority, the Qatar Financial Markets Authority, the Kuwait Capital Markets Authority, the Lebanese Financial Markets Authority, the Egyptian Financial Regulatory and the AUTORITÉ MAROCAINE DU MARCHÉ DES CAPITAUX of Morocco. The webinar was also attended by a number of professionals and specialists from the UASA’s members of regulatory authorities.


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