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Launching UASA’s new website

 Published on: 25-Oct-2023

The Union of Arab Securities Authorities launched the Union’s new website after its development was completed in line with the technological developments in this field. The new Union website continued to provide basic information related to the Union’s work, including information related to the Union, the Union’s members, and the legislation that It governs the work of Arab securities authorities and the procedures implemented by member bodies with regard to legislation, market oversight, enforcement actions, awareness programs, and investor protection. The site also includes information on the main events and most important news related to the Union and members, as well as news related to regional and global developments, in addition to providing continuous updates of this information.

The Secretary-General of the Union, Jalil Tarif, said he launch of the union's new website aims to introduce modern designs that contribute to achieving the union's goals aimed at strengthening and developing Arab capital markets by providing transparent financial markets and supporting investors' confidence in those markets. He added that the aim of the new updates that have been introduced to the new website is to improve the user experience by providing an easy-to-use and browsing experience to access basic information related to the work, initiatives, and activities of the Union. An advanced search function has been introduced that enables users to access specific information required to ensure a smoother, more efficient, and faster browsing experience by improving site performance and reducing loading time.

On the other hand, the front and back ends of the site have undergone major updates in line with the development of modern security standards and protocols to ensure a smooth and secure experience. Through the new website, the investor portal was updated, which provides a wealth of information and tools of interest to investors, with the aim of facilitating investors’ access to market-related information, data, and analysis to support their confidence in the Arab capital markets. In order to achieve the goals and initiatives of the Union’s strategic plan, referred to above, a new window has been allocated on the website (Forum) and will be activated with the aim of enhancing direct communication between members of the Union. A special space related to the workshops was also provided in preparation for their activation in order to facilitate registration and follow-up of the workshops and training programs provided by the Union.

It is noteworthy that the current website of the Union will continue to work alongside the new website, as the General Secretariat requested website visitors to provide any comments about the new website in preparation for its final approval and the cessation of use of the current website of the Union.


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