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Meeting of the regional financial inclusion working group

 Published on: 30-Oct-2023

The Arab Monetary Fund held the twenty-fifth meeting of the Regional Working Group to promote Financial Inclusion in Arab Countries on October 25 and 26, 2023 in Abu Dhabi. The UASA’s General Secretariat participated in the meeting among a group of financial institutions, Arab central banks, and other related companies.

The meeting discussed various issues related to the latest developments in financial inclusion in the Arab region and the experiences of Arab countries in this field. The meeting discussed companies with the most impact on the financial consumer, environmental, societal and governance standards and their role in promoting financial inclusion and the informal sector on both sides of the demand, as well as presenting and balancing between innovation and risks of digital financial inclusion and comprehensive green finance, and lessons learned from the “Arab Financial Inclusion Day” for the year 2023.

The meeting also discussed digital infrastructure and its role in promoting financial inclusion, legislative and regulatory frameworks that enhance financial inclusion, the impact of the social protection system on financial inclusion and microfinance, and the role of non-banking financial institutions. The achievements of the Financial Inclusion Initiative for the Arab Region for the year 2023 were also presented. 


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