Union News

Issue No. 17 (April - Mai - June)

April - June 2017

Arab Stock Exchanges News Details

The Egyptian Cabinet Approves Some Amendments In The Regulations Managing EGX

The Egyptian Cabinet approved the proposed amendments submitted by EGX regarding the duration of the chairmanship of EGX to be 4 years non-renewable. Due to EGX's regulatory and supervisory dimension, also compared to regulations of other supervisory authorities like the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA), this is the highest supervisory authority in the capital market.

The Cabinet also approved some amendments to the law regulating the nomination of members of EGX Board of Directors, which includes amending the regulations of selecting the seat representing small and medium-sized companies which are listed on Nilex. This amendment is actually deleting the maximum capital of the company that was EGP 25 million stipulated in the previous organizing regulations.