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Issue No. 23 (October - November - December 2018)

October – December 2018

Cover Story

The UASA: New website and portal for Investor Education

The UASA: New website and portal for Investor Education
The UASA Secretary General, Jalil Tarif, announced today the launch of the UASA new website and a portal for Investor Education and Public Awareness to meet its members requirements and achieve the UASA objectives, especially in terms of developing capital markets, enhancing transparency and efficiency, expanding the UASA membership base and enhance the investments in Arab capital markets. The launch of the website and portal comes also within the framework of the UASA participation in IOSCO 2018 World Investor Week initiative. The initiative aims at raising investor awareness and protecting investor rights through the combined effort of the IOSCO members. It also aims at utilizing the various communication channels and digital media to promote investment culture, enhance awareness and highlight the role assigned to regulators and financial markets in protecting investors.
The Union website has been updated using of the latest technology available in this field, in order to be responsive and suitable for the different sizes of screens and devises, and facilitate the access to the required information efficientl. The website feature new sections containing information about the members activities in corporate governance, AML / CFT, and Islamic finance. These sections provide full information on the members activities as well as the most important information concerning standards, principles and rules issued by international institutions. In addition, a dedicated section has been added, and contains information about the UASA members researches and studies, It is possible to view and download all researches and studies issued directly from the UASA website. Concerning the UASA activities, a new section has been added containing different rules and standards issued by the UASA in the areas of issuance and listing, corporate governance, disclosure, insider trading, licensing, and others.
As for the investor education and public awareness portal, it represents the members initiatives and achievements as well as the international practices in this field. The portal also contains a section on financial inclusion, which includes the most important projects and strategies of the UASA members as well as international policies in this field. In addition, the portal contains a glossary representing the most important financial terms used in financial markets. This section is editable and can be updated whenever necessary. Related parties can download it directly from the portal or embed it in their respective websites.
The launch of the website and the portal comes in line with the implementation of the UASA strategic plan 2016-2020 and in cooperation with the work team formed by the Union Board to manage the investor education initiatives. It is worth mentioning that the Union of Arab Securities Authorities was established in 2007. The UASA headquarter is located in Dubai, UAE. its membership includes (20) active, associate and observer members representing (15) Arab securities authorities. It is also worth noting that the UASA is a cooperative body, providing a platform for discussions and consultations, designed to enhance the development of Arab securities and regulators. In addition to enhancing international cooperation and in recognition of the importance of developing the ties of cooperation among Arab Securities Authorities and emphasizing their unified entity with a view to achieving the Arab common interests. The objective of the UASA is to enhance regulatory cooperation, increase technical collaboration and sharing of market and regulatory information to unify efforts and cooperation toward achieving effective levels of oversight on transactions in the Arab capital markets, coordination and cooperation to achieve maximum harmony and consistency with regards to laws and regulations related to the Arab capital markets in order to protect investors and the development of legislation in accordance with the best international standards.