Union of Arab Securities Authorities
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Union of Arab Securities Authorities


Established in 2007, the UASA is a cooperative body, providing a platform for discussions and consultations, designed to enhance the development of Arab securities and regulators.
To enhance international cooperation and in recognition of the importance of developing the ties of cooperation among Arab Securities Authorities and emphasizing their unified entity with a view to achieving the Arab common interests, the Arab Securities Authorities and Regulators of 14 Arab markets decided to form a union called the Union of Arab Securities Authorities (UASA). The objective of this UASA is to enhance regulatory cooperation, increase technical collaboration and sharing of market and regulatory information to achieve the implementation of the IOSCO principles for securities regulation. The UASA headquarters is located in Dubai, UAE.

Mission and Vision

Our Vision:
Upgrading the legislative and regulatory level of the Arab capital markets with a view of achieving fairness, efficiency and transparency.

Our Mission:
Unify efforts and cooperation toward achieving effective levels of oversight on transactions in the Arab capital markets, coordination and cooperation to achieve maximum harmony and consistency with regards to laws and regulations related to the Arab capital markets in order to protect investors and the development of legislation in accordance with the best international standards.

Our Values:
Commitment to best standards of integrity, fairness, transparency and excellence.


The Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) was established in 1997 as a public institution with financial and administrative autonomy to develop, regulate and monitor Jordan’s capital market to maintain a sound investment environment and protect investors. The JSC is entrusted with developing the capital market in accordance with international standards to secure fairness, safety and attract domestic and foreign investors.
Since its inception, the JSC has been working on developing and upgrading the regulations governing the capital market and its institutions to ensure higher levels of protection and transparency. It has issued relevant regulations that monitor the activities of financial services companies, enforce disclosure regulations and help investors make informed investment decisions. In order to ensure fairness, sovereignty and proper administration of the rule of law, the JSC continuously enforces the Securities Law and its related regulations.
To maintain market integrity, the JSC regulates, monitors, and supervises the business operations of the Amman Stock Exchange, the Securities Depository Center, financial services companies, public shareholding companies, investment funds and certified financial professionals. Furthermore, the JSC is committed to securing investor protection and market development and to enforcing disclosure of information regulations pertaining to the securities market.

“To upgrade Jordan capital market, in order to have an attractive investment environment, that is fair, transparent & efficient as deemed by the effective law & regulations”.

“To regulate, monitor & develop Jordan capital market in issues related to disclosure, financial services activities & dealing in securities, in order to enhance the trust in the national economy, encourage investment & protect investors. As well as, upgrade legislations & technical developments continuously & according to recent standards & international best practices”.