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UASA’s Activities Booklet

The UASA’s General Secretariat issued a booklet on the activities of the Union of Arab Securities Authorities during the period of the Union’s first strategic plan which extends from 2016-2020. The first part of the booklet documents the activities of the General Secretariat of the Union during the period of the aforementioned plan, especially with regard to the pillar of strengthening cooperation and communication among the members of the Union and strengthening the activities of the Union at the international level, and enhancing harmony between the legislations of member states. In addition to self-capacity building, investor education and awareness and other activities.

As for the second part of the booklet, it included a set of electronic links that document the activities of the UASA members in the areas of regulations, market oversight, enforcement actions, education and awareness and international cooperation. The activities of the UASA members were also classified annually and according to the date of the activities.

The booklet can be viewed through this link.


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