Union of Arab Securities Authorities
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Union of Arab Securities Authorities

Paul P. Andrews

Secretary General
International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO)

Paul joined IOSCO in March 2016 after 18 years at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) in Washington DC. He was reappointed to a second term in March 2019. From 2003 to March 2016, Paul served as Vice President and Managing Director, International Affairs, at FINRA, the largest independent regulator for all US securities firms. In this capacity he directed FINRA's international engagements and worked closely with key regulators and regulatory bodies worldwide, including IOSCO.
Prior to joining FINRA, Paul spent eight years at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, where he worked in the Division of Market Regulation and the Office of the General Counsel. Prior to the SEC, Paul spent four years in private legal practice in Washington, DC. He is a graduate of the Catholic University School of Law in Washington DC and of Villanova University in Pennsylvania.

Nandini Sukumar

Chief Executive Officer

The World Federation of Exchanges (WFE)
Nandini Sukumar is the Chief Executive Officer of the World Federation of Exchanges, the global association for exchanges and CCPs. The WFE represents more than 250 exchanges and clearing houses globally, educating stakeholders on the vital role played by market infrastructures in the real economy and as a standard setter, finding the consensus on issues among the global membership. WFE exchanges are home to nearly 53,000 listed companies, and the market capitalisation of these entities is over $93 trillion; around $88 trillion (EOB) in trading annually passes through the infrastructures that the WFE members operate (at end 2019). WFE’s 57 member CCPs collectively ensure that risk takers post some $1 trillion (equivalent) of resources to back their positions, in the form of initial margin and default fund requirements
Ms. Sukumar, who became CEO of the WFE in March 2015, is Vice Chair of IOSCO’s Affiliate Members Consultative Committee.

Fianna Jurdant

Senior Advisor

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
 Ms. Fianna is a Senior Advisor in the OECD Global Relations team focused on the MEA. In this role, she provides strategic advice to key stakeholders, oversees OECD analytical and capacity-building projects, and promotes the visibility of the Organisation’s work in the region, increasing its impact and relevance. Her responsibilities include coordination of the MENA-OECD Competitiveness Programme and leading the MENA-OECD Business Advisory Board and the MENA-OECD Corporate Governance Working Group.
During the past 20 years Ms. Jurdant advocated sound corporate governance policies and practices globally. She has developed coalitions for reform and policy advice to support implementation of the G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance in Asia as well as recently the Middle East and North Africa. Ms. Jurdant has also steered OECD’s work on gender diversity in corporate leadership and on boards.

Amer Bisat, PhD.

Managing Director

Sovereign and Emerging Markets Alpha
Amer Bisat, PhD., Managing Director, is Head of Sovereign and Emerging Markets Alpha within BlackRock's Global Fixed Income and a member of the Fundamental-GFI Executive team. In this role, he manages EM and sovereign allocations in a number of flagship products including BlackRock's Strategic Investment Opportunities and Strategic Global Bonds Funds.
Mr. Bisat's service with the firm dates back to 2013. Prior to BlackRock, he was a partner in two macro hedge funds (Traxis and Rubicon), and held portfolio management responsibilities at UBS and Morgan Stanley Investment Management. Between 1991 and 1998, he was a senior economist at the International Monetary Fund where he helped negotiate high profile programs with Russia, Ukraine, and Egypt. Mr. Bisat has taught graduate level economics courses at Columbia University. He co-authored a book on globalization and academic and policy papers on growth and financial sector development issues. He is a trustee of a number of Middle Eastern cultural and art institutions and a member of the Council of Foreign Relations.
Mr. Bisat earned a BA in economics from the American University of Beirut and a PhD. in economics and finance from Columbia University.

Karim Chedid

Investment Strategist for ETFs and Index Investments

Karim Chedid, CAIA is an investment strategist for ETFs and Index Investments (EII), where his responsibilities include delivering ETF and index investment trade ideas and market insights to institutional clients and financial advisors. Karim sits on the Out and Allies Network EMEA Committee. He joined BlackRock in January 2013 from Nomura where he was an Equity Derivatives strategist generating trade ideas. Mr. Chedid holds a BA (Hons) in Economics from the American University of Beirut (AUB), where he specialised in Macro Economics, Game Theory, and Political Science. He also holds an MSc in Urban Economic Development from University College London (UCL). In his free time, Karim volunteers with Opening Doors London - a subsidiary of Age UK that works with the elderly from the LGBTQ community - and sits on the board of a Lebanon-based NGO focused on inclusive employment. Karim is always up for a good debate on macro matters and geopolitics, and discussing running tips! 

Jalil Tarif (Moderator)

Secretary General

Union Of Arab Securities Authorities (UASA)
 Jalil Tarif currently serves as the Secretary General of the Union of Arab Securities Authorities (UASA). Tarif started his career in the Central Bank of Jordan and held the positions of Executive Director and Deputy Director General in Amman Financial Market between 1992 and 1999, where he oversaw Jordan’s entire capital market. Through his role as Deputy Director General, Tarif assisted in writing the new securities law that implemented the three separate entities that make up Jordan’s Capital Market today. In 1999, Jalil Tarif was appointed as the first Chief Executive Officer of Amman Stock Exchange. He left his position as CEO in December 2012 to become the Secretary General of the Union of Arab Securities Authorities located in Dubai.

Stephen Fisher (Moderator)

Managing Director

Stephen Fisher, Managing Director, is a member of BlackRock's Global Public Policy Group and Global Public Policy Steering Committee. Stephen focuses on global and European regulatory policy issues impacting end-investors. He represents BlackRock on the ICI's Atlantic Council, ICMA's Asset Management and Investors Council and holds a number of industry advisory roles.
Prior to joining BlackRock in November 2010, Stephen established the Dutch Banking Association's Brussels office and was an Advisor on financial markets policy at the European Banking Federation. Before Brussels, Stephen worked in London at the Financial Services Authority and HM Treasury in a range of supervisory and regulatory policy roles.
Stephen holds Masters' Degrees from St. Andrews and London universities as well as the Investment Management Certificate. Born in the UK, Stephen has also lived and worked in Spain, Belgium and Hungary.